Until we can do in-person meetings again…

We specialize in hybrid and virtual meetings. With our very own production studio, let us create a virtual experience that maintains the personal elements of an in-person event & integrates cutting edge technology to take your event to the next level.

This ain’t your mom’s Zoom meeting!

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Let's Take Virtual to the Next Level

Join the ranks of many successful companies who have already pivoted with us!

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    “Gary Musick Productions and Destination Musick City have a second to none team. We wouldn’t be able to execute our Sales Meeting without their attention to detail, budget, and never-ending creativity. Every year our partnership with them grows and continues to improve. They bring us exciting and original ideas that wow our attendees. Journeys not only values them as crucial business partners, but great friends as well. One of the things we appreciate most is their integrity. We could not do our jobs without their team.”

    Heather Dameron | Senior Coordinator, Employee Development and Event Planning | The Journeys Group


    Gary Musick Productions is a full-service event and entertainment production company based in Nashville, Tennessee providing support for corporations, agencies, associations, and production companies for over 30 years.

      “I don’t even have the words to tell you how much I appreciate what your company does. You always make us at CMT look good. ALWAYS. Every single person on my team from New York tells me constantly how lucky I am that I have your company in Nashville to work with. We have never had one company that delivered on EVERYTHING promised and more like you guys do. I am blown away! On our most recent event together, the feedback was that it was flawless and completely different from everything else they’ve seen. The corporate sponsor was over the moon. We hit EVERY single marketing need and had not ONE hitch. I don’t ever want to do events without Destination Musick City and Gary Musick Productions as part of my team!”

      Jim Raley | Senior Event Director | CMT