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We specialize in hybrid and virtual meetings. With our very own production studio, let us create a virtual experience that maintains the personal elements of an in-person event & integrates cutting edge technology to take your event to the next level.

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Live Streaming

Think of an experience you’ve had at a Live Event.
Think of the passion, the energy and the emotion. What was it like being there with other people? What did that add to the experience? Live events have an unmatched spontaneity, a "this is happening now" feel that is lacking in prerecorded video no matter how dynamic the production values may be. You cease to be an observer and are instead a participant. When done well, you buy in to the message, the meeting, or the product. Without even thinking about it, you’re engaged, and your subconscious is telling you, “I’m a part of this.”


...what if you - or someone in your company – can’t attend an important meeting or conference? Or what happens if a space you’ve planned to use for your own event is too small, too remote, or unavailable?
That’s where Live Streaming comes in.

Live Streaming is a real time broadcast of your event to viewers anywhere in the world. Basically, it's your pipeline for delivering the experiences that your event offers to a remote audience. 
It can be used on a variety of platforms:
And it can be designed to suit your needs:


Live streaming is often no more expensive than conventional video marketing, and is often cheaper. It provides a feeling of connection with the customer that pre-recorded content and Video On Demand can’t match.

Engaging Employees:

Streaming company-wide meetings is an effective way to keep employees engaged: studies show higher productivity and 37% higher sales. Conversely, data reveals that businesses with disengaged employees lose $11 billion annually.


Live streaming works best when viewers can interact with the broadcaster. Businesses can encourage their audience to ask questions and use the live stream to reply to them immediately.


Businesses can quickly build trust in the eyes of their viewers if they engage with them in an immediate and authentic way. This stronger connection will enable a broadcaster to have a greater impact on the opinions of their followers.

When should you use Live Streaming?

Product Promotion

It’s perfect for companies that sell products and services. It’s an excellent tool for Marketing Activation campaigns

Conferences/ Events

Expand the reach of your message. Great for companies and organizations with followers based regionally, across the country, or around the world.

Connecting with Remote Team Members and Training New Hires

Live video allows you to convey a unified message, and with video on-demand archiving you can easily create ready-access training materials. When a new service or product comes out, you can effectively train your sales team or operations team in an interactive format when getting everyone on site is not cost effective.

Password Protected Employee Updates

When important confidential information needs to be communicated in real time but by a secure method, Live Streaming is ideal. This is also a great way to release content like TV commercials and campaigns in a secure way while keeping them out of site of the public until launch.

Production Opportunities

Multi Camera/ Multiple Angles
Play Video and Commercials during the live stream
Pay Per View/ Charging to watch
Requesting customer info to watch enabling collect of data from the viewers that you can use for later marketing.
Video Recording and Archiving for later viewing
Password Protection
Custom Webpage for the Live Stream
Interactive Q&A communication for questions, ideas from the view audience