Nashville Wine Auction 2018

This past weekend we produced L'Ete' du Vin, the Nashville Wine Auction. This is the largest and longest running wine auction in the United States. The goal for this year was to raise $1 million. We exceeded our goal by over $200,000!

Women in Wine

The theme this year was Women in Wine. The event featured hand crafted portraits of top women winemakers in the world. Hand drawn charcoal portraits were displayed in the silent auction area and printed on the backdrop in the main ballroom. Here is a short interview with Gary Musick and Greg Woodruff on the concept and creation of this artistic approach.


In the middle of the auction, Justin Flom dazzled and entertained the attendees with some unbelievable magic tricks. After his act, a private dinner and entertainment featuring him was auctioned off for the highest bidder and 9 lucky guests.

Gary Musick Shares His Personal Journey

There is a moment at the Nashville Wine Auction each year called "Raise Your Paddle." Donors are able to donate money to the cause out of pure generosity. This typically features a moving story by a cancer survivor. This year, Gary Musick shared his story and riveted attendees with his opening words, "Every cancer survivor's journey begins with three words: You have cancer."

See You Next Year

We are thankful to be a part of such an important cause. Congratulations for exceeding our goal! We look forward to another successful Wine Auction next year!